Why You Need Eye Cream: Benefits of Eye Cream
Do you really need an eye cream? In this post, we’ll answer all your questions about why you need an eye cream, which eye cream is best for you and how to incorporate it into your routine.
Dry Skin vs. Oily Skin: What Type Do I Have?
Have you recently asked yourself, "What is my skin type?" Determining the unique qualities of your complexion is an important step toward glowing, flawless skin, and the most effective beauty care products are normally attuned to different types of skin....
What Does an Esthetician Do — And Is it a Good Career Path?
Becoming an esthetician makes for a rewarding and engaging career, but what does an esthetician do, and is it the right path for you? We'll provide a brief day in the life of an esthetician based on years of experience...
How Can You Benefit from a Virtual Skincare Consultation?
A good skincare routine begins by consulting an experienced aesthetician. The expert assesses your skin type, prescribes an effective skincare routine, and monitors your progress until you attain the desired beauty goals. Unfortunately, finding a good skin consultant near you...
Dermaplane vs Dermabrasion: What Should I Choose?
When comparing the benefits of dermaplaning vs microdermabrasion (or simply "dermabrasion"), how do you know which will deliver optimal results for your skin just as it is? While both procedures are excellent for achieving a deep, lasting exfoliation—shown to boost collagen production and overall skin health—the ways they achieve it are quite unique.
Diamond Glow vs Hydrafacial: What are my Options?

Those opting to take their beauty and skincare regimens to the next level will be well served by weighing the advantages of DiamondGlow vs HydraFacial. Both achieve a thorough exfoliation, removal of impurities, and nourishment at an incredible depth, yet the way they achieve their aims is quite different.

Does a Hydrafacial Treatment Hurt?

Like many skincare treatments, HydraFacial may reach the threshold of mild discomfort—but so too can a basic, often far less practical DIY approach that may only aggravate less-than-ideal conditions further. HydraFacial is much less likely to cause pain than other, more aggressive procedures. Of course, it always depends on each individual's skin quality and sensitivity, which invokes several other important considerations (such as dryness, pre-existing blemishes, and so on).

What Is a High Frequency Facial and What are The Skin Benefits?
Suppose you struggle with skin conditions like acne, fine lines, dark circles, puffy eyes, and enlarged pores. In that case, it is high time you pay attention since Flawless by Melissa Fox offers consultations and has a high-frequency procedure that can eliminate these skin problems. High frequency is a popular skincare technique used to treat various skin conditions. 
2023 Holiday Gift Guide
WHY YOU NEED EYE CREAM. HOW TO NOT LOOK TIRED HOW TO USE EYE CREAM. FLAWLESS BLOG. MELISSA FOX   BEST EYE CREAM The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the gift...
The Story of Flawless
How Melissa Fox started her career and grew Flawless into what it is today...
Acne and Skin Inflammation: The Causes and Solutions
Supplements and Skincare to Treat the Root Cause of Acne
The Regimen: Your Fall Skincare 2023 Guide
Just as you update your wardrobe as the seasons change, putting away the bikinis and breaking out the sweaters, your skincare routine should evolve with the changing weather as well.
Flawless Microneedling
At Flawless by Melissa Fox, celebrity aesthetician and skincare guru Melissa Fox offers a unique microchanneling protocol that promises an instant plumping effect with minimal 24 hours of mild facial redness and collagen stimulating benefits that peak after a week. 
Biologique Recherche Body Products
Biologique Recherche's stellar reputation in the skincare world often orbits around their facial skincare products, with their potent formulas and transformative results taking center stage. Yet, a lesser-known treasure trove in their collection lies in their body skin care range. While many prioritize facial skincare—given that our faces are the most exposed and often the first to show signs of aging—it's essential to understand that the skin on our body deserves equal attention.
Exosome Skin Care
This stem cell derived skincare technology is taking the dermatology and esthetics world by storm, and we're here to help you understand this revolutionary science and show you how to incorporate it into your at-home skincare routine and your next facial at Flawless by Melissa Fox!
How to Use Biologique Recherche Serums
At Flawless by Melissa Fox in Miami, we offer the full collection of Biologique Recherche serums and services that make your faces glow and become flawless. You are guaranteed optimal results when you consult with our highly experienced and knowledgeable aestheticians.   
Biologique Recherche Starter Kit
As a celebrity esthetician, I often get asked, "What are the essential skincare products I should start with?" When it comes to luxury and effectiveness, there’s one brand that’s always top of mind: Biologique Recherche. Today, I’m going to guide you through a simple yet impactful starter routine from this renowned brand. The best part? These products come in travel sizes, so they’re perfect for sampling and won’t break the bank.
Oxygen Skincare
Oxygen Skincare: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Skin Our skin, much like the rest of our body, thrives on oxygen. We've seen its rejuvenating powers in action through oxygen facials in-clinic at Flawless. But did you know that you can harness this power daily through some stellar skincare products? Let's dive into the oxygen-rich world of at-home skincare.
Guide to Lotion P50
Consider this article your Definitive Guide to Lotion P50. With insider tips from Celebrity Esthetician Melissa Fox, we'll explain exactly how this miracle product works, how to choose the right version for you skin type (there are 6 different variations of Lotion P50) and how to incorporate it into your skincare routine today so you can join the Lotion P50 cult!
Melissa Fox Faves
If you've ever dreamed of shopping a celebrity esthetician's skincare stash, today is your lucky day! Melissa Fox, facialist to Miami's celebrities and it-girls, is sharing her top favorite skincare products that she uses on her skin daily. From toners to serums and masks,  Melissa Fox has caller herself a "skincare maximalist." Let's dive in to her personal faves for maximum results!
Flawless Facial At-Home
Nothing beats that “just got a facial” feeling. Clean pores, baby soft skin and a glow that’s radiating from the inside-out. A trip to your favorite Flawless esthetician can make any day the best day ever, but sometimes travel, scheduling and budget keep us from seeing our skincare BFF as often as we would like.  In this article, we’re outlining step-by-step how you can get as close to a Flawless facial at home using Biologique Recherche products. Keep in mind that certain aspects of a professional facial should be left to the pros, such as extractions and dermaplaning. However, exfoliating and hydration are skincare goals that can be achieved with the right combination of products.