Dermaplane Treatment

Dermaplane Treatment

Dermaplaning (sometimes called microplaning) is one of the most raved-about methods for turning back time and improving your skin's appearance. It functions at the deepest possible level: the pores themselves.

When we notice large or deep pores, we see thousands of tiny "funnels," which create irregular patterns of light. This takes away from the skin's natural tendency to capture light evenly over a smooth surface, lending a sense of "glow" to the face. The pores' outer/upper rims level back down by deeply exfoliating the skin, eliminating this uneven light-scattering effect.

The result is baby-smooth skin, providing an ultra-even surface for nourishing skin creams, makeup, or the overall healthier expression of dermatological health. With our own highly learned style of dermaplaning, Flawless by Melissa Fox helps women throughout the Miami area return to the flawless complexion they were born with.

What Does The Dermaplane Treatment Entail?

Unlike other exfoliating treatments, dermaplaning uses a specialized type of scalpel, which is designed with a blade not to cut the skin, but gently and evenly scrape a fine layer at the outer surface. That's why home dermaplane treatments are not recommended, as they require a trained hand, specialized tools, and keen perception to give your skin the gentle care it deserves.

By carefully removing the outer, mostly dead, layers of skin, pore-depth reduces. This accomplishes several key tenets of skin health:

  • Cleansing the skin of small, microscopic debris that clogs the pores and prevents the skin from fully breathing
  • Maintaining high absorbability of healing serums and other follow-up skincare products
  • Smoothing and softening the face, neck, shoulders, and décolletage

These benefits have the further effect of giving makeup a much more uniform surface.

Who Is The Dermaplaning Best For?

Because dermaplaning involves thorough physical planing of the skin using a specialized scalpel at an angle, it's most suitable for those not experiencing open cuts or certain forms of acne. Most clients we treat are perfect candidates for dermaplaning. To determine the suitability of dermaplaning for you, it's best to book an appointment with our experienced aestheticians.

At Flawless by Melissa Fox, we'll fully evaluate your skin type to determine the most appropriate serums and treatment schedule. Next, we'll schedule your first dermaplane procedure, making special considerations when your skin is naturally at its strongest.

What To Expect After Your Dermaplaning Treatment

Because dermaplane treatment involves a particularly deep exfoliation, it's likely you'll feel a slight tingling sensation. This wears off after a short portion of the day, after which you'll feel a sense of airiness or openness on your skin. It's as though your skin is finally able to breathe!

Most of all, you'll notice an immediate improvement in your skin's:

  • Glow
  • Smoothness
  • Softness
  • Uniformity

Your skin's tone will also become much evener, and these effects will last for weeks or longer, especially with diligent follow-up care.

The next time you apply skin treatment serums or makeup or even feel its renewed, softer texture, you'll be stunned by the soft touch ability of your face. It's because dermaplaning goes to the root of almost any skin condition by removing the buildup of dead skin cells, sebum, and dirt, while evening the entire skin surface to protect it from further buildups.

Without exaggeration, dermaplane treatments literally return the skin to its textural origins. Seen this way, it's no wonder our skin often traps and accumulates foreign and dead matter, especially when the skin's oils aren't periodically cleansed away.

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See why countless Miami-area residents consider our dermaplane treatments the most effective and practical skin exfoliation technique. It's a vital contribution to not only your innate inner beauty but your overall skin health. If done according to the right schedule for your skin type, ongoing dermaplane treatments can make you look and feel and exude the ageless glow you were born with. Please Contact Us for any more information about the treatment. 

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