MBR Medical Beauty Research


Made in Germany, MBR® creates luxury skin care products with revolutionary ingredient blends, inspired by the ground-breaking biochemistry of plant molecules on a cellular level. 

Because of their medical expertise and proficient skin care background, MBR® uses only the most renowned and trusted ingredients in the most concentrated formulations, allowing the ingredient systems to synergistically enhance each other and stimulate all epidermal and dermal cell functions.


Medical Beauty Research (MBR) is known as the alchemy of beauty. The brand formulates luxurious skincare products that deliver optimal results, including correcting fine lines and hydrating dry skin.

In this FAQ,  Flawless, by Melissa Fox, aestheticians address the most common concerns associated with MBR products. Learn what ingredients are in these products and what MBR products are available.

What Ingredients Do MBR Products Use?

MBR offers a wide range of products. Each has a unique blend of ingredients that help to optimally treat a given skin blemish. For transparency, MBR lists all ingredients on the label of each product. Therefore, you can always know what you are using when you choose an MBR skin care product.

Regardless of the skin product, MBR uses the highest quality ingredients. The ingredients are effective and safe for the skin. Some commonly used ingredients in MBR Skincare products are:

  • Abyssinian oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Black Oat extract
  • Castor oil
  • Glycerin
  • Ginkgo extract
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Jojoba Oil


Does MBR Offer Products Specifically for Facial Care?

MBR has skin care products for facial care. The company's cosmetic formulations moisturize dry skin, treat fine lines, and address other blemishes. Some of the most popular MBR facial skin care products that Flawless by Melissa Fox uses are:

  • MBR after sun face. The after-sun care product moisturizes and soothes the skin after sunbathing. It also treats wrinkles caused by the sun.
  • MBR Beta Enzyme. MBR beta-enzyme refines skin texture and removes excess sebum and lipids.
  • MBR City and Sky. This MBR skin care product restores vitality, radiance, and luminosity.
  • MBR ContinueLine Protection Shield Mask. The cream soothes irritated skin and strengthens the skin's defenses.
  • MBR ContinueLine Cell and Tissue Activator. The activator improves the elasticity and density of the skin and gives it a smooth appearance.


Where to Buy MBR® Medical Beauty Research Skincare

MBR skin care products are available primarily at reputable beauty shops in Coral Gables, FL.

For customers in Miami, FL, Flawless by Melissa is the best place to buy MBR skin care products. This store offers a wide selection of luxury skincare products, including several products from the MBR line.

Flawless does not just sell skin care products. We have aestheticians who will examine your skin and give personalized recommendations. The skin care gurus at Flawless know the right products for dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and oily skin.

Which MBR Body Lotion is Suitable for Redness, Skin Irritation, and Itching?

When it comes to redness, skin irritation, and itching, Modukine by MBR is the perfect solution. This luxurious body lotion contains Modukine, a complex of ingredients. Modukine contains over ten amino acids that help relieve skin irritation in two ways.

First, the complex ingredients of the body lotion repair your skin's damaged lipid barrier. The barrier prevents excessive moisture loss and protects the underlying tissue from external irritants.

Secondly, Modukine by MBR body lotion regulates the cornification process. The controlled cornification process improves the skin's barrier function. The barrier prevents irritation caused by external stimuli and excessive moisture loss.

Let Flawless By Melissa Fox Help You Achieve Your Beauty Goals

Achieving beautiful skin is more than just buying a luxurious skin care product. You need a skincare expert to evaluate your skin and recommend the most suitable products. Otherwise, you will have difficulty achieving your beauty goals with less effective products.

At Flawless by Melissa Fox, we have a team of skin care experts to help you. Before recommending any MBR skin care product, they will examine your skin and suggest the best product for you. Book a consultation to begin your journey to flawless skin.