Jet Peel Facial Treatment

Problems like dry skin, sunburn, and acne are bothersome. They make your skin look visibly flaky, wrinkled, or irritated. Worse, these issues can lower your physical appearance and affect your self-esteem.

This is where jet peel facial treatment comes into play. It helps keep your skin smooth, clean, and glowing. Flawless by Melissa Fox explains more about the jet peel facial. Discover how it works and the benefits it offers.

What is a Jet Peel Facial?

A jet peel facial is a skincare procedure that uses pressurized air, select skincare solutions, and water to remove dead skin. It also removes dirt, oil, and other debris on your skin. Besides cleansing, the jet peel facial procedure administers nourishing serums into your dermis.

Unlike regular chemical peels, a jet peel facial is gentle on all skin types. You can use it even if your skin is sensitive or has conditions like rosacea. In as much as anyone can benefit from a jet peel facial, the procedure is more suitable for people with:

  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Sun damage
  • Loose skin
  • Fine lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Blackheads
  • Congested pores
  • Dry skin
  • Uneven skin tone

How Does the Jet Peel Facial Work?

The jet peel facial peel relies on sophisticated technology to get the job done—the jet peel facial machine. This machine has specialized nozzles that release a high-pressure but gentle stream.

With a speed of up to 600 feet per second, the stream from a jet peel machine helps exfoliate and extract. In addition, this high-pressure jet penetrates the skin to a depth of up to 4.5 millimeters to clean your skin deep.

The supersonic stream from a jet peel facial machine contains a mixture of oxygen and saline solution. Sometimes, estheticians customize the solution with salicylic acid, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid.

Benefits of a Jet Peel Facial

Our customers are always excited about the benefits they see from one of these facials. 

For one, this skin care procedure helps slow down aging. It stimulates blood circulation to the facial skin, supplying cells with enough nutrients and oxygen. In response, the skin repairs and renews itself.  You can get this treatment at our Coral Gables, FL. 

Moreover, a jet peel facial slows aging by supporting collagen and elastin production. The two substances, collagen and elastin, restore skin elasticity and firmness. 

Other top benefits of jet peel facial include:

  • Treating acne. A jet peel facial removes dead skin cells, excess oils, and other impurities that clog pores. In turn, the clean pores cut the risk of acne breakouts. Your aesthetician can add salicylic acid to the jet stream to help treat acne breakouts.
  • Reducing skin discoloration. The high-speed jet from a jet peel facial machine removes dead skin cells that contain pigmented areas. In the bargain, your Flawless aesthetician can customize the treatment with quality skincare products to help fix existing dark spots.
  • Improving texture and tone. Dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities often make your skin appear dull. Jet peel facial removes these impurities and boosts hydration. Moreover, the jet peel facial stimulates collagen production. You get a smoother and more radiant skin.

Jet Peel Facials in Miami, Florida

The jet peel facial skin care treatment is best administered by an expert aesthetician. These professionals understand how the whole process works. Whether exfoliating, combating wrinkles, or addressing acne, they will adjust the treatment session to deliver the right results.

When it comes to jet peeling, Flawless by Melissa Fox is the premier choice for Floridians. We only perform procedures to the highest standards. Before the process, we'll examine your skin and formulate a customized plan to ensure you achieve the right results.

Book a consultation today, and our experts will work with you to see what procedure works best for your needs!

Image Credit: Peakstock  / Shutterstock