Henne Organics


      We know you want beauty products that truly work, ingredients you can trust, and packaging so eye-catching that you can’t wait to reach for them.

      Henné Organics gives you the most natural and effective beauty with impeccable Scandinavian design. Experience your healthiest, most radiant lips yet only with Flawless by Melissa Fox.

      Henne means "her" in Swedish and is a celebration of women and the beauty of our uniqueness as well as our common stories. It also pays homage to Sweden, a focal point of inspiration for the brand and where our founder first fell in love with Scandinavian nature and design.



      Henné is known for simultaneously promoting the health and beautification of the face's most sensitive and expressive sections. As many health and beauty products must work in tandem to achieve the desired results, professional beauticians love it when specific products simultaneously improve skin quality and aesthetic appeal.

      The key to Henné Organics' success is its unique Scandinavian ingenuity. Not many cultures braved such incredibly cold climates while so thoroughly managing to enhance their quality of life. Henné is a modern expression of the beautiful, life-affirming traditions in skin care forged over millennia under inhospitable conditions.

      Their lessons in protecting lips under even the driest, most frigid conditions have been well-received worldwide. Even our subtropical Miami climate benefits from these discoveries – and the real secret is in Henné Organics' overall methodology.


      Henné takes a holistic approach, viewing beauty as an expression of health. Tapping into one's internal reservoir of vitality is the primary focus of the Henné method, all while accentuating your lips' natural beautify just as they are. In fact, the two are considered to be inextricably linked.

      By emphasizing the fundamentals of skin health while improving its appearance, Henné produced an attractive line of products that work together to enhance skin health over time. Their dual emphasis on skin nourishment and beautification come down to supporting the core essentials of lip health:

      • Hydration — You may be surprised that the foundational product isn't even a product – it's water. Henné Organics encourages a total lifestyle shift that, as unflashy as it sounds, encourages drinking a gallon of water a day, or enough to avoid all signs of thirst (which can be surprisingly tricky to detect). For drier climates, Henné also recommends using a humidifier.
      • Exfoliating — Removing, with great care, dry and flaky skin improves the lips' ability to heal properly. Dry skin is also more likely to cause sore and bleeding lips. Depending on how dry and/or sensitive your lips are, Henné Organics advises exfoliating anywhere from 1 to 4 times per week. A professional aesthetician can help you find the right upper limit for you.
      • Nourishment — Each evening, applying a thin layer of lip serum before bed will work wonders. It's also advisable to do so in the morning, then wait several minutes before applying other products, if desired. Henné also advocates a thick layer of their lip mask 3–4 times per week. Do so after using their lip serum, waiting for it to absorb properly, and then leave the lip mask on for 15–30 minutes. Even just five minutes will make a difference. The optimal time to use the lip mask is after exfoliating.
      • Encapsulate — Finally, you need to lock the nutrients and moisture into your lips with a high-quality lip balm. This is essential just before bed, and it's also beneficial after meals or when you sense your lips are dry. Here in Florida, dry lips often indicate insufficient hydration more than environmental factors. No matter the cause, sealing your lips is important to preserve the work you've put in to nourish and care for your lips.



      As your personal aesthetician, we can help you get started by testing different types of Henné Organics products. This allows us to determine which exfoliator, lip mask, serum, and lip balm respond most naturally to your skin. You can shop all of our Products with Melissa Fox today!

      When confident that we've found the right Henné products for your skin type, we discover the custom care regimen most appropriate for your lip health needs. For instance, we may need to focus more on exfoliating before committing as much to the other steps to help your lips heal from any previous issues.

      Then, we nourish your lips for maximum effect, finally capitalizing on the gains with a regular or intermittent nourishing, moisturizing, and sealing regimen. Depending on your needs, more or less frequent lip masks might be necessary. Increased application of lip serum and lip balm throughout the day – especially before bed – is essential for almost everyone.

      Call or visit Flawless by Melissa Fox today. Our experienced aestheticians are standing by to reveal how the European north's beautification and natural health secrets can draw your inner vitality out through your lips and into the world.