What Does an Esthetician Do — And Is it a Good Career Path?

Becoming an esthetician makes for a rewarding and engaging career, but what does an esthetician do, and is it the right path for you? We'll provide a brief day in the life of an esthetician based on years of experience at one of Miami's top-rated beauty and skincare clinics. Join us as we tour this exciting and growing field with Flawless by Melissa Fox's experienced estheticians.

An Esthetician's Duties

An esthetician provides an extensive list of services, ranging from various forms of facials, skin rejuvenation processes, hair removal, scar and other blemish treatments, and much more.

In the broadest sense, an esthetician's daily tasks usually take the following form:

  • Consult with patients to discuss their beauty goals
  • Evaluate their skin qualities and needs while discussing proper self-care regimens
  • Determine and recommend the most suitable treatments and services
  • Sanitize and prepare the instruments needed for treatment
  • Carefully conduct any of a variety of beauty and skincare services
  • Select the appropriate serums for the patient's skin condition(s)

Throughout their services, an esthetician must gauge the appropriate level of intensity for a given patient and treatment. It calls for an ability to empathize and adapt to their clientele's exact needs (even if they are unsure).

Modern esthetic treatments have become extremely sophisticated, with various specially formulated serums and sophisticated, touch-free vacuum devices, medical-grade implements, and even diamond-tipped wands.

Some treatments even require supervision by medical professionals. As you'll learn at esthetician or cosmetology school, you must heed strict boundaries for certain medical conditions (e.g., skin cancer and conditions involving prescription medications).

What Do You Need To Become an Esthetician?

Estheticians require extensive training in credentialed programs that teach timeless fundamentals and the latest skincare innovations. Melissa Fox learned from a world-famous dermatologist before founding her Southeast Florida clinic, and many of our staff hold formal degrees or certifications in fashion and cosmetology.

Yet anyone can achieve the foundations of becoming a licensed esthetician, which involves three phases:

  1. Complete a formal education at an esthetic or cosmology school. You'll learn about the various treatments and formulas available, skin health, proper safety practices, and more there.
  2. Pass the state board exam, most of which involve both a written and practical test.
  3. Obtain your esthetician license, which must be renewed every several years.

The Perks of Becoming an Esthetician

There's nothing like sharing your hard-won beauty insights, and it's incredibly rewarding to see the efficacy of your knowledge and training reflected in your clients' bright and smiling faces.

People who invest significant time into skincare and beautification routines are naturally drawn to it for personal reasons. Yet why not make the most of your experience and share your talents?

Not only are professional estheticians growing in demand, but they also have higher-than-average job satisfaction. They also play an invaluable role in elevating self-confidence and an appreciation for the finer things of life.

What Does an Esthetician Do After Earning Their Credentials?

You'll be positioned for work at renowned beauty clinics, salons, or spas after becoming an esthetician. By developing your professional skills and finding your niche over time, you could further your career in any of the following ways:

  • An independent practice
  • Esthetician school instruction
  • Product sales
  • Direct work for skincare companies
  • Medical offices

Start Your Professional Journey Into Beauty Today

Flawless by Melissa Fox wouldn't be where we are without nurturing the initial zeal and passion for beautification that propelled us along our way. Though our estheticians come from different backgrounds and training, they share the same deep-felt commitment to helping people achieve their beauty goals and feel great about life and themselves.

The question is, what does an esthetician do for one's career prospects? If you have any further questions about becoming an esthetician, contact us. We'd love to share our insights and play a small role in propelling you to new professional heights like others once did for us.

Image Credit: kei907 / Shutterstock