Diamond Glow vs Hydrafacial: What are my Options?

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Those opting to take their beauty and skincare regimens to the next level will be well served by weighing the advantages of DiamondGlow vs HydraFacial. Both achieve a thorough exfoliation, removal of impurities, and nourishment at an incredible depth, yet the way they achieve their aims is quite different. 

At our award-winning clinic in the Coral Gables section of Miami, we've seen how each treatment delivers remarkable benefits only possible with professional, custom-tailored skincare. Flawless by Melissa Fox enthusiastically endorses both advanced treatments. In comparing HydraFacial vs DiamondGlow below, the main questions we'll explore are how each technique fits into a personalized beauty and skincare regimen. 

What Is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a comprehensive skin resurfacing therapy, well-loved for its minimally invasive approach to increasing natural collagen production and skin elasticity. It uses a unique cross-section of skincare technologies that, compared to DiamondGlow, are much less overtly physical. 

During the HydraFacial treatment, clients undergo a multiphase process involving: 

  • Application of advanced, bespoke serum formulas
  • We then apply glycolic and salicylic acids to loosen dead skin cells and debris safely
  • Next, we use a "Vortex Extraction" procedure, which vacuum-cleanses the pores and allows them to breathe anew
  • Lastly, we revitalize the skin using custom-tailored serums containing various antioxidants, peptides, and other skin nourishment matched to your skin's particular needs.

Even better, the results are instantaneous. HydraFacial leaves the skin glowing with an even, glistening dew you simply won't receive using basic OTC moisturizers. 

Due to the gentle and non-abrasive approach to HydraFacial, there's no downtime after treatment. Clients can happily engage in their normal daily activities after their appointment—and they even plan on it, given their newfound radiant glow! 

What Is DiamondGlow Facial?

DiamondGlow is a type of microdermabrasion, that applies patented diamond-tip technology with a closed-loop vacuum to exfoliate and extract toxins deep within the pores. Because DiamondGlow is an involved clinical treatment, it requires medical supervision—that's the standard of care it provides. 

The beauty of the process is as the diamond tip exfoliates the skin, a vacuuming action removes impurities while applying custom-tailored SkinMedica serums containing specially formulated blends of growth factors, vitamins, antioxidants, and hydrating compounds. This not only nourishes the skin precisely when it's most susceptible but reduces healing time over exfoliation. 

The result is a multifaceted treatment, achieving deep cleansing, exfoliation, toxic extraction, and hydration all in one fast medical-grade procedure. It's no surprise, then, that DiamandGlow is extremely effective at: 

  • Treating discolorations (including sun and age spots)
  • Creating an even skin texture
  • Reducing wrinkles and certain types of scars
  • Eliminating a dull, listless complexion

How To Choose Between DiamondGlow vs HydraFacial?

While DiamondGlow exfoliates the skin via manual, physical processes, HydraFacial is a form of chemical exfoliation. Additionally, DiamondGlow is considered a "corrective" clinical procedure, while HydraFacial is more purely "cosmetic," oriented toward continuous care regimens. That said, multiple DiamondGlow treatments are also possible with proper planning—and both DiamondGlow and HydraFacial will simultaneously nourish the skin to achieve a healthy, radiant glow. 

During our thorough, client-focused consultations, we generally consider two primary factors before recommending one procedure over the other: 

  1. Will your skin tolerate mild acidic compounds without adverse effects?
  2. Is a deeper abrasion possible without an excessively long healing period?

The key difference when comparing HydraFacial vs microdermabrasion (of any kind) is how either achieves their respective benefits according to the client's skin quality and condition. 

Determining so can be difficult on your own. While a brief overview of your options is the first step, your aims will be best served by enlisting the help of qualified experts early in your beautification journey. 

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The benefits of DiamondGlow vs. HydraFacial largely depend on existing skin type and whether each client desires a more physically involved or chemical approach to exfoliation. This also depends on your long-term aspirations, as the slight difference in skin tone experienced at the beginning can compound to major differences after repeated treatments, depending on which method you choose. 

At Flawless by Melissa Fox, you won't need to guess which custom skincare protocol is right for you. Whether you're looking for the best HydraFacial near me or are set on medically supervised microdermabrasion, book a consultation with our expert estheticians at our Coral Gables clinic today.


 Image Source: Irina Bg/Shutterstock