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iS Clinical manufactures skin care products for various skin problems. They treat, hydrate, nourish, and fix all other problems. But, as with other skincare products, using iS Clinical treatments elicits concerns. Be sure to Contact Us if you have any questions about iS Clinical Skincare.

For instance, some wonder if the products are safe for their skin type, while others question how the skincare products work. Flawless by Melissa Fox has created this iS Clinical FAQ to provide answers to help put your concerns to rest.

About iS Clinical

iS Clinical makes skincare products for managing common skin issues. For instance, the products treat acne, reduce fine wrinkles, and eliminate hyperpigmentation. They also exfoliate and nourish the skin.

Each product from iS clinical gives one main benefit —healthier, youthful skin. What is more? iS Clinical makes skin care products under the highest ethical standards. It does not use controversial animal tests.

iS Clinical FAQs

Whether you are a first-time user or a longtime fan, this section answers almost all common questions. So, let's dive in and understand how iS Clinical can help you achieve your beauty goals.

iS Clinical Ingredients Listing Has Substances That Sound Like Chemicals. Are Chemicals Harmful?<

iS Clinical gets its chemical ingredients from pharmaceutical-grade raw materials. As such, they are of high quality and pure. They do not contain harmful impurities like heavy metals and fillers. The chemicals won't irritate or trigger unpleasant effects.

Are iS Clinical Products Hypoallergenic?

Yes, iS Clinical products are hypoallergenic. They are free of harmful fragrances, preservatives, and other known irritants. As such, skincare products do not irritate the skin. Thanks to the pharmaceutical-grade ingredients used.

Are the Ingredients Used in iS Clinical Products Certified Organic? If Not, Why?

The ingredients in iS Clinical products are not certified organic. The reason? Certification involves many entities and countries. Thus, it is impractical to always use certified organic ingredients. All in all, iS Clinical's ingredients are safe.

Is it Advisable to Switch Suddenly or Gradually From a Different Product Line to iS Clinical?

A sudden or gradual switch from a different brand to iS Clinical is harmless. But, it is advisable to do a patch test first, especially if you have sensitive skin. The test will help tell if a sudden switch would be detrimental.

Additionally, consulting with an aesthetician before switching skin care products would matter. Aestheticians know the right skincare products for various skin types. They will help you settle on the right one.

Can You Use iS Clinical Skincare While Pregnant or Nursing?

iS Clinical Skincare products are non-systemic. Their components do not enter your bloodstream. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using any new skincare products during pregnancy or while nursing. 

Does iS Clinical Test on Animals or Use Animal Products in Your Product?

iS Clinical does not test its products on animals, nor are any ingredients derived from animals. Instead, the company uses alternative tests to gauge its product's efficacy. No animal suffers to help you achieve that youthful, healthy skin.

Is iS Clinical Medical Grade?

iS collaborates with renowned pharmacologists and physicians to formulate skin care products. The skincare experts have many years of experience in matters of anti-aging and skincare. As a result, iS Clinical skin care products are clinically validated.

Their solid knowledge has created skin care products addressing some stubborn problems. The products effectively treat pigment changes, rosacea, aging, and dryness.

What's the Difference Between Medical Grade and Regular Skincare?

Medical-grade skincare products are FDA-approved to treat specific skin conditions. As an example, they can treat acne or rosacea. Like medicine, medical-grade products are prescribed by licensed dermatologists or estheticians.

Regular skincare products are available in drugstores, beauty stores, and online without a prescription. They are designed to help with basic skincare needs, such as hydration, exfoliation, and skin brightening.

Is iS Clinical clean?

Yes, iS Clinical is clean. The manufacturer formulates the skincare treatments from high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. They are free from harmful additives and contaminants. Besides, iS Clinical does not use harmful additives like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.

I Have Sensitive Skin. Should I Slowly Switch to IS Clinical?

Many users with sensitive skin experience no issues when introducing iS Clinical into their skincare routine.

Then again, everyone is different, so before using iS Clinical, perform a patch test first. The test will help you determine if the skincare product has adverse reactions.

What are the Most Popular iS Clinical Products?

IS Clinical has many products categorized into four groups. These classes include iS Clinical treat, protect, cleanse, and hydrate. As their name suggests, each category addresses different skin issues. The following iS beauty products stand out as the most used.

  • iS Clinical Cleansing Complex
  • iS Clinical Active Serum
  • iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum

Where to Buy iS Clinical Skin Care Products?

iS Clinical Skin Care Products are available in stores selling beauty products. For Miami consumers, Flawless by Melissa is a great option. It stocks all skincare products from IS Clinical, including:

  • Boosters
  • Cleansers
  • Anti-aging skincare products
  • Antioxidants
  • Moisturizers

Flawless runs under a team of master aestheticians with years of experience. They specialize in signature facials and A La Carte Enhancements. They also offer makeup and brow services.

What is more? The Flawless team by Melissa knows the right skin care products for various skin types. As such, they will help you choose the right products for your skin type.

Achieve the Skin You Have Always Wanted, With iS Clinical Treatments in Miami

iS Clinical is the right brand for people with fine lines, acne, and other issues. These skincare products treat, hydrate, exfoliate, and cleanse. They will give your skin a flawless, youthful appearance in no time.

And with Flawless by Melissa, you'll get expert knowledge of which product suits you. No more indulging in trial and error when working on your beauty goals. Our team in Miami will guide you through the path.

Book a consultation with Flawless to discover ways to achieve the beautiful skin you deserve.