LYMA Laser Starter Kit

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LYMA Laser is a game-changing, brand-new cold laser that transforms the signs of aging and fine lines and wrinkles. Incredible results have also been seen when used for skin elasticity, and acne, and the laser is also optimized to fade scars, rosacea, thread veins, and pigmentation.

It rejuvenates the skin from the base layer up to improve the structure of muscle and fat, increasing collagen production and transforming the appearance of the skin.

Perfect to use on all skin types and tones, face, and body. This gentle and non-abrasive treatment is suitable for use on sensitive skin and ideal for after-surgery use.

With consistent use (as little as 15 minutes a day), you can achieve visible results within weeks. Shop this product and more with Flawless by Melissa Fox. 

How It Works:

The LYMA Laser works on both levels of the skin ageing process. Intrinsically, the Laser is able to reach deep down into the base layer of the dermis, where the light energy triggers a genetic switch inside the skin cells telling them not to die off, but to recharge, regenerate and repair. The destruction of healthy skin cells is reversed.

Extrinsically, the light energy of The LYMA Laser also instructs the existing cells to produce more proteins to fight free radicals. Less free radicals means more collagen and elastin.

What's Included:

  • Medical-grade 500mW LYMA Laser 
  • 30 day supply of LYMA Active Mist
  • 30 day supply of LYMA Priming Serum
  • Travel pouch
  • USB battery charger
  • Battery
  • LYMA authenticity card to gain membership to the LYMA Member programme and access to LYMA wellness concierge

How To Use:

Step 1: Cleanse skin.  Spray a generous amount of LYMA Active Mist to activate the skin and optimize it for the 500mW LYMA Laser light therapy.

Step 2: Apply a thin uniform layer of LYMA Priming Serum to flood the skin with oxygen which will allow the 500mW laser light to reach the base layer of the skin.

Step 3: If required apply moisturizer to help the LYMA Laser glide over the skin (not necessary for spot treatment of areas such as scars, thread veins, and pigmentation).

Step 4: Follow the daily treatment regimen for your specific age, skin issue, and area of the face or body. Ensure the LYMA Laser is used daily in the rejuvenation stage to optimize results.

Step 5: Follow with usual skincare regime.