Zombie Cell Clearing Serum

Zombie Cell Clearing Serum

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Nescens has created the first serum designed to clear pro-aging “zombie cells”. 

For the first time, Nescens’ research team has used anti-aging molecules called “senolytics” in its cosmeceuticals.  Senolytics have already been medically proven to be effective. Senolytic agents contribute to clearing senescent cells  without harming healthy cells. A large number of studies have shown that targeted removal of senescent cells can  contribute to the regeneration and rejuvenation of tissue. 

Basic biological principle (rationale) 

In young tissue, senescent cells “self-destruct” through a biologically programmed process. However, as we age  and as we are exposed to sources of oxidative stress, such as UV rays and pollution, the number of senescent cells  gradually increases. These cells can no longer renew themselves and regenerate tissue, but nor can they die, hence  the term “zombie cells”. Instead, they secrete substances that can cause inflammation and aging, contaminating  neighbouring cells and causing them to become senescent too.  

When these “zombie cells” are present, skin ages faster, losing its thickness, gaining wrinkles, and becoming less  dense and elastic. 

Nescens has created an advanced formula containing a high concentration of senolytic agents that can target senescent cells and restore tissue.