V-Line Lifting Cream

V-Line Lifting Cream

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Smoothing wrinkle correction cream.

Must-have youth treatment! This cream fights expression lines, fine lines on the skin’s surface, and deep wrinkles. 1 formula with 5 different youth actions: . protects from free radicals that age skin; . tightens tissue for a rested appearance; . plumps skin for a younger look; . regenerates tissue to improve firmness; . reduces wrinkles on a long-term basis. It is reinforced by the combination of super moisturizing DNA, and the tensor power of a natural polymer. Skin regains firmness as wrinkles and fine lines reduce.


AWF5 Complex powerfully firms and fights wrinkles for 5 key youth factors.

Vitamin C: Protects skin and stimulates collagen-producing fibroblasts.

Fibro-boost: stimulates collagen and elastin.

GAG-boost: promotes glycosaminoglycans production.

Densi-Derm: tightens elastin fibers.

Peptides Cocktail: repairs wrinkles.