Global Anti-Aging Care - Hands

Global Anti-Aging Care - Hands

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Nescens global anti-aging care - hands is a highly effective, all-in-one product which prevents and corrects the appearance of age-related alterations on the overexposed tissues of the hands – dehydration, dryness, roughness, micro-folds, dark spots, loss of density. 

Using its in-house technology, Nescens has developed a unique cosmeceutical formula with an ultra-high concentration of active ingredients, which quickly absorbs into the skin to leave a non-greasy-feel. 

This targeted anti-aging product is based on the findings from top biomedical research into skin aging. Together, its active ingredients reinforce, redensify and strengthen the skin, making hands look and feel younger. 

Cosmeceutical benefits 

  • Improves the barrier function, increasing the skin’s resistance to thermal, physical and chemical assaults • Activates the renewal of structural proteins and stimulates natural skin growth factors, restoring tissue firmness,  tonicity and density 
  • Provides intense and long-lasting hydration 
  • Prevents dryness 
  • Repairs pigmentation associated with older skin 
  • Guarantees effective protection against free radicals and UV radiation, which are key causes of chronological or  photo-induced aging 

Main active ingredients 

Phytosterols (ecdysterone): powerful cell-production booster with a high concentration of ecdysterone from tropical fern extracts. It helps slow the aging process and recreate the volume, structure and profile of younger skin. The booster strengthens the connection between the dermis and the epidermis, making skin firmer and more elastic.  The epidermis becomes more stratified (more quickly), recreating the density of younger skin and the cohesion of the stratum corneum is restored so that it can offer the best possible protective barrier. 

Niacinamide (vitamin B3): multifunctional vitamin. It strengthens the skin by increasing the resistance of the outer layer and also helps keep skin hydrated. It visibly improves the appearance of older skin by promoting targeted collagen synthesis. It also helps lighten the skin by counteracting melanosome transfer to keratinocytes which cause skin pigmentation. In vivo studies have shown that niacinamide significantly reduces dark spots and helps even out skin tonet. 

Opuntia ficus-indica stem extract (concentrated extract from the prickly pear cactus or nopal cactus): rich in amino acids, flavones, vitamins, anti-oxidants and polysaccharides. It protects the skin against environmental factors (blocks the release of stress markers from sensory nerve cells in the skin, soothing irritated skin) and provides intense and long-lasting hydration (exceptional hydrating properties thanks to high levels of moisturising agents). 

Clinical studies carried out on both men and women have shown that concentrated Nopal extract performed exceptionally in soothing and firming the skin. It also proved to have a significant moisturising effect, even in products designed to be washed off.