Activator Serum, Stem Cells - Face

Activator Serum, Stem Cells - Face

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Ultimate creation of Nescens Biological anti-aging research, increases the regenerative power of stem cells in the epidermis.

global skin-aging, wrinkles, loss of firmness and density, skin slackening

Anti-aging performance, tested clinically: Evaluation by biophysical measures*

- Accelerated cell renewal: +20% from the first month
- Increased dermal + epidermal density: 82% of users from the first month
- Reduced appearance of wrinkles: 77% of users after two months % of users tested by self-evaluation*
- Lifting effect: 82%
- Improved skin elasticity: 77%
- Energised and regenerated skin: 77%
- Tightening effect: 77%
- Firmer skin: 73%
- Refined skin texture: 82%
- Soft and smooth skin: 73%
- More even complexion: 77%
- Radiant appearance: 73%
*22 women - 8 weeks

As part of the Nescens cosmeceutical plan, the activator serum, stem cells, is designed to use twice daily, before application of Nescens correcting care range, to boost the regenerative potential of the epidermal cells.

The activator serum, stem cells is recommended in particular for:

- long-term treatment, for mature skin lacking in density and firmness.
- temporary treatment, for thin and sensitive skin caused by specific conditions (medical procedure or plastic surgery). Ask your doctor for advice.