Dewy Polisher

Dewy Polisher

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Cutting Edge Scavenger & Skin Refiner Compound

A fierce, radiance revealing compound is infused in a nourishing and repairing balm for an intensive epidermal renewal. Natural components combined with advanced biotechnology diminishes radical oxide species, enhancing the skin ecosystem, preventing premature aging and promoting cell regeneration for a flawless skin tone.

Advanced Detox Target:

An advanced structure of Tremella Fuciformis (mushroom) and biotech Hexapeptide FE-III diminishes radical oxide species, maintaining the physiological levels of autophagy, promoting intense skin detoxification, preventing premature aging and supporting cell regeneration.

Polisher Target:

Natural Vulcanic Perlite carries out a safe and meticulous mechanical exfoliation action.

Pore Management Target:

Azelaic acid performs a safe skin exfoliation, diminishes open pores and brightens the skin tone.
Soothing Target: Karite’ Butter, Vitamin E and Genipa extract infuse the skin with nourishing, anti-
inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Italian Bella ComplexTM Target:

Pietro’s signature compound supports the skin’s regeneration