Prestige Act: Bio Recovery by Pietro Simone

Prestige Act: Bio Recovery by Pietro Simone

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 A highly beneficial skin antidote, set in soothing camomile waters, with an enriching cream-silk texture that veils and penetrates with rich intensity. This lightweight formula is embedded with the exclusive Italian Bella ComplexTM of nutrients including edelweiss meristematic cells. Calendula stem cells, amino and glucuronic acids work to sustain hyaluronic acid renewal, rejuvenating multi-peptides help prevent sagging and build stronger collagen fibres. Vegetable lipo-soluble actives help soothe sun damage, sensitivity and rehydrate skin. Bio-Recovery is infused with nourishing vitamins A, C and E, sunflower and argan oils; all bio-engineered with the ability to deeply penetrate. This slow-release-rapid-result bio-active formulation is designed to seal in moisture and awaken plump vitality.

The Prestige Act: Bio-Recovery has an All Star Cast of optimum concentration, quality actives including the famed Italian Bella ComplexTM:

  • Cold pressed, filtered, Tomato seed oil lipoactive from Puglia neutralizes the effects of free radicals and improves skin tonicity.
  • Apple Annurca from the volcanic region of Vesuvio has anti-fatigue, anti-stress effects by brightening the complexion, and balancing skin tone.
  • Tuscan Grapeseed oil is rich in beta-carotene, Vitamins D, C, E and essential fatty acids (EFAs) and a potent anti-wrinkle combater.
  • Edelweiss merestamatic cell cultures sourced from the Alps of Northern Italy possess anti-oxidising and anti-aging properties that protect, lift and firm the skin. Edelweiss also promotes collagen production.
  • Tuscan and Sicilian Almond oil nourish and smooth the skin.

Italian Bella ComplexTMExclusive to Pietro Simone, Age Diminishing Italian Bella ComplexTM energizes and rejuvenates fatigued skin, forming a radiant, healthy, firmer looking complexion, with the appearance of softened, reduced lines.