Holidays in Neverland

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Open the doors to 12 icons of Swiss luxury skincare

Anti-aging cellular cosmetics by Valmont & l’Elixir des Glaciers and captivating couture perfumes by Storie Veneziane.

12 gifts in one to delight the senses and celebrate your skin, the Valmont Advent calendar includes:
- A versatile cream mask for a true WOW effect :
Prime Renewing Pack
- Remineralizing and illuminating essence :
Fluide Merveilleux Votre Visage
- Supreme treatment for a youthful gaze :
Vos Yeux 
- Iconic energizing and re-balancing tonic :
Vital Falls 
- Revitalizing exfoliating cream :
Face Exfoliant 
- Instant gaze perfecting patch :
Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask 
- Moisturizing and re-plumping super-serum :
Moisturizing Booster 
- Immediate oxygen infusion mask :
Detox Pack 
- Velvety refreshing cream :
Moisturizing with a cream 
- Moisturizing and energizing cream :
Prime 24 Hour cream 
- A floraldehyde musk of timeless radiance :
Just Bloom 
- A brazenly sparkling floral gourmand :
Jazzy Twist