Sebum & Acne Controller

Sebum & Acne Controller

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Ultra-Intense Regulating & Healing Compound

A supercharged serum compound, blended with an ultimate encapsulation delivery system, bio-fermentations and dynamic active ingredients diminishes, soothes and supports compromised epidermises with acne, rosacea and excess sebum production. Multiple natural compounds calm, regulate, balance and restore the skin’s well-being. An efficient formulation with an acid-free approach promotes a skillful sequence of repairing actions.

Acne Target 1:
An innovative and strategic encapsulated oil delivery system inhibits sebocytes proliferation without affecting their viability, diminishing sebum production and bacterial growth. Actively reduces skin inflammation by regulating the skin-affected microbiome.

Acne Target 2:
Rose Duet Stem Cell Culture performs an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant action to alleviate acne,rosacea and pollution-related skin problems.

Oil Target:
Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, a microorganism from Antarctica, rich in 3 amino acids, regenerates and protects the skin meanwhile counteracting excess sebum production. Retains hydration, promotes healing and increases collagen and elastin production. Probiotic Target: Advanced probiotic compound restores skin’s instinctive defences, regulates the microbiota pathways, soothes skin irritation, strengthens the skin’s barrier and significantly improves moisture retention.

Soothing Target:
Powerful blend of Madecassoside, Chamomile water, Gingko Biloba Terpenes & Copper Sulfate produces an intensive, extensive and diligent anti-itching, anti- redness and anti-desquamation effect to relieve sensitive, atopic & psoriasis-prone skin.

Healing Target:
A bio-fermented Reishi compound accelerates skin’s natural regenerating and healing properties, prevents further imperfections and residual marks, improves skin’s integrity and increases optimum moisturizing levels.

Rebalancing Target:
Sage, Rosemary, Oregano and Chamomile botanical extracts naturally boost the cleansing process, infusing anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-blemish properties.

Italian Bella ComplexTM Target:
Pietro’s signature compound supports the skin’s regeneration process.