Dewy Pro-Aging Overnight Cream

Dewy Pro-Aging Overnight Cream

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High Potency, Brightening, Refining, Pro-Aging & Nourishing Night Compound

A masterful, active, repairing night cream blended with advanced drone delivery systems, peptides, brightening solutions, dicarboxylic acid and powerful active ingredients corrects and enhances the epidermis. A multi-targeted formulation which counteracts pigmentation, melasma, open pores, hormonal pigmentation and delivers a bio- compatible natural nourishment.

Dewy Target 1:
Skin Drone Delivery System. A bio-engineered peptide structure inhibits tyrosinase expressions and selectively targets melanocytes by a specific ligand.

Dewy Target 2:
A blend of Saffron and Turmeric produces a natural lightening of the epidermis revealing a higher skin radiance whilst infusing the skin with powerful natural antioxidants and age management compounds.

Dewy Target 3:
Azelaic acid performs a safe skin exfoliation, diminishes open pores, brightens skin tone and minimizes sun damage, melasma and hyper-pigmentation.

Dewy Target 4:
SiliphosR extracted from milk thistle is a powerful free radical scavenger which prevents photo-aging, acting similarly to retinoic acid, with an optimal tolerability profile which does not induce irritation.
Dewy Target 5: An advanced combination of Chroma Bright and Pine Tree extract promotes an even skin tone and radiant complexion. Brightens and balances the skin’s natural tone. Prevents UV induced discoloration.

Exfoliation Target:
A highly tolerable, glow-revealing complex of 6 plant and fruit extracts perform an intelligent exfoliation and protects collagen with a focus on pore management.

Microbiome Target:
Ginger, Frankincense and Grape molecules work the epidermis and Corneum Stratum to rebalance the skin’s microbiome, fighting redness, inflammation, acne and preserving the skin barrier. Nourishing Target: A combination of Ceramides, Marula, Moringa, Kalahari and Ximenia Oil provide a natural, intense and cell-viable nourishment, promoting essential lipid replenishment.

Skin Barrier Target:
Three encapsulated peptides bind in an ultimate drone delivery system to reconstruct and regenerate the NMF whilst re-densifying, protecting and rebuilding a new structure of the epidermal protein.

Plumping Target:
Skin Drone Delivery System. A bio- engineered peptides structure boosts the synthesis of hyaluronic acid by selectively targeting fibroblasts.

Italian Bella ComplexTM Target:
Pietro’s signature compound supports the skin’s regeneration process.