Rescue Recovery & Repair

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A skin ally bio-gel recovery complex provides intense healing, comforting and balancing benefits to an irritated, over-stressed and compromised epidermis.

  • Redness Target: An active encapsulated delivery system of curcumin and pine bark extract controls redness and discomfort on a daily basis and reinforces the skin barrier function to help reduce facial flushing and chronic redness.
  • Healing Target: A bio fermented Reishi mushroom compound accelerates skin’s natural regenerating and healing properties, prevents further imperfection and residual marks, improves skin’s integrity and increases optimum moisturizing levels.
  • Probiotic Target: Advanced probiotic compound restores skin’s instinctive defences, regulates the microbiota pathways, soothes skin irritation, strengthens the skin’s barrier and significantly improves moisture retention.
  • Skin Support Target: The natural molecules from Nigella, Pomegranate and Maracuja Oils fight skin eruptions, inflammatory activities, counteracts photo-aging signs, soothes and nourishes the epidermis.
  • Italian Bella Complex Target: Pietro’s signature compound supports the skin’s regeneration process.


  • Key Benefits: Healing, Soothing, Calming, Skin Barrier & Microbiome support, Strengthening.
  • Skin Concerns: Menopausal/ Hormonal Skin Imbalances, Acne/Rosacea Inflammation, Post Surgery, Post Intensive Skin Treatments, Skin Disorders that require a deep soothing action, Inflammations.
  • All skin types including sensitive skin. Gender Neutral.
  • No age target, focus is on the specific skin concern.